The '05S/S collection was presented at a sterilized room-like space that was created in C.C.P’s atelier. Both ladies’ and men’s items were presented, both having similar points such as the material or the form of the item. In this presentation, the feel of antiqueness was kept subtle and industrialized feel was pushed on, as more practical furniture were in place. When it came to hangers, it was in a square shape with rectangle pipes used, and the space itself was seen with wider perspective. For items such as jewellery, the furniture that are normally used in leather factories for drying, was used for this particular occasion. Carol’s perspective towards the world was presented in a new fashion.

Summarizing the collection will come to one simple answer and that is finding the new standard from the new perspective. The starting point for the basic trousers was also the starting point for over-lock one piece, the collared polo shirts became items such as ponchos, and the traditionally medallion shoes came back with the look of object-died flat shoes. Something to especially look at is the fact that over-lock items have gained in numbers and variety of object-died items have became more broad. The object-died items have variety on leather such as kangaroo leather, and having white coloured items allows it to have the match with the lighter colours in the collection.

OPENNING : February, 2005
Photo© C.C.P Srl / Masahiro Tsunoda
Text© Masahiro Tsunoda at Lift Co.,Ltd